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Revenue Accelerator

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Revenue Accelerator

The Revenue Accelerator program is a set of proven business and technical enhancements, made-to-order for your company needs. The program is generally performed in three stages. You'll have a payback period within six months or less. You'll find that the cost benefits of the first data-cleansing phase will pay for the other phases. These are very small investments with quick returns, tangible benefits and big bottom-line impact.

Phase One: Sales Data Intelligence

    • Integrate your CRM and ERP applications
    • Bring in your channel (POS) data and integrate it with the rest of your systems
    • Cleanse and de-dupe your customer database
    • Merge your customer and leads databases
    • Enrich your data with customer demographics
    • Automate your sales finance processes

Phase Two: Install the Sales Insight Dashboard

    • Offers single point of access to vital sales information for entire sales force
    • Is a web-based solution that gives 24x7 access to your CRM and ERP data
    • Provides comprehensive security architecture, tailored to your business model
    • Gives you real-time data with sub-seconds response time
    • Delivers real-time, precise commission estimation
    • Is change aware: any sales-model change absorbed and adapted for old/new data
    • Offers sales forecast collection from bottom up: accurate numbers from real data

Phase Three: Set Up the Client Portal

    • Provides online quotes for customer and channel
    • Delivers order and shipment status in real time
    • View updates on status of support issues
    • Automates RMA handlin
Request Revenue Acceleration Presentation and Free Customer List Cleansing

Using our unique approach, we guarantee you'll be able to:

      • Increase sales—per direct sales representative—by at least 20%
      • Reduce your cost of sales by 10%
      • Get precise forecasting and sales planning using our bottom-up approach
      • Cleanse and enrich your customer/prospect database, gain deep customer profiling and enhance your marketing strategies
      • Attract and retain your customers through online collaboration (web portals)

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