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Information Junction Technology

The Information Age promotes unlimited collaboration and data sharing. The possibilities of information linkage include data integration between multiple internal source systems and systems of multiple external companies into data-rich focal points.

GSApps builds information junctions - customized data portals that bridge information from your internal systems, suppliers and distribution partners. Tap into your information chain with the following benefits:

Sharing made simple

Real-time data analysis Define key performance indicators (KPI) to create usable data and keeps their number low and manageable. Post KPIs online to empower management reporting. Enable decision makers by unifying and sharing company-wide data, including secure information.

Automate paper-based processes Increase efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and minimize costly mistakes.

Single access point Knowledge workers use one interface for all data and applications. Distribute news on secure web sites. Catalog existing files for superior data access. Repurpose gained knowledge for future assignments.

Empower employees Enable knowledge workers with “Self-Service” portals to update content and manage user privileges. Enable teams to share documents, calendars and tasks online. Standardize data-access methods.

Collaborate with partners and customers Enable secure data access. Improve supply-chain efficiencies and relationships.

Manage projects online Use accurate time-logging and intelligent task measurement. Avoid unproductive status meetings.

Vendor-neutral Our portal expertise includes Plumtree, Oracle, MS SharePoint, and Epicentric.

Portlet implementation Access from any offsite location using ASP, JSP, Java platforms. Zero footprint architecture requires only a web browser.

Environment personalization Customize your user interface, content subscription, preferences settings, layout management, and “look and feel”.

Unique org-chart based portal security Automated, role-based security driven by org chart changes eliminates manual security management.

Document Management Sourcing, version, routing, and publishing control.

GS SurveyCreator™ Automates survey creation, deployment, and response monitoring and collection.

Aesthetic design Our creative team designs graphical interfaces for GSApps dashboards.

Single user Sign-on configuration and testing.

Link Your Information Chains
Let us demonstrate how GSApps technologies free your data from bottlenecks. Call (408) 404-7770. Bringing your data streams together creates information harmony – and increases your bottom line.

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