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Talk to the Doctor in Technical Terms

Business applications are the heart of your business’ processes. If your company’s data does not flow freely between your applications, then company health and revenue can be compromised.

GSApps restores system health

Like a surgeon caring for their patients, GSApps is committed to optimizing your company’s health with our technical expertise. We provide the following types of “surgeries”:

Business-to-Business (B2B) System Integration

Our data exchanges cut your costs and integrate you with the global economy by opening secure channels with your partners and suppliers. Our system “adapters” process your collaborative information in real-time – keeping you ahead of the competition.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Our connections for all external and internal system structures improve your agility. Run lean and flexible by cutting the inefficiencies of redundant data entry, information duplication and disjointed IT-processing “fat”.

Legacy Data Conversion (LDC)

GSApps can affordably migrate the logic, content, and structures of valuable legacy systems data into a new system. We revitalize old data.

Data Cleansing, De-duping and “Merge/Purge”

Our data cleansing services excise incorrect, incomplete and duplicate data and groups individual customer sites to their headquarters. GSApps gives you lean and mean quality data so you can make quality business decisions.

Data transformation Our qualifications include syntactic conversion and semantic transformation for SML and other data types.

GS SoftMatch™ Our “business intelligence” data cleansing application for de-duping, householding and “merge/purge” brings deep data clarity.

Intelligent routing Our intelligent routing includes content-based routing and publish-and-subscribe.

Middleware tools GSApps specializes in popular middleware tools including WebMethods, Oracle Application Server, MS BizTalk, Vignette, and Vitria.

Pre-built adapters We use our own pre-built system adapters for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Baan, Siebel, JD Edwards, GoldMine, GreatPlains, and other business applications.

Proven methodology Our tested methodology allows full throughput, scalability and reliability. We are workflow experts.

System integration design Our expertise includes messaging, database gateways, Internet access and file transfer, and Web services standards.

The Doctor Is In

GSApps is on-call to nurse your system back to optimal health. To learn more about our application development services, contact us at [email protected] or (408) 404-7770.

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