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Business intelligence is a frustrating puzzle for many companies due to missing or incompatible pieces. GSApps believes your business intelligence should be simple and elegant. From pre-built schema to new construction, our designs ensure rapid response time, uncompromised data, and accessible analysis. We provide flexibility and unlimited potential.

Data Warehouse Design and Foundation GSApps builds superior designs and foundations for data warehouses (DW). Our DW expertise includes star schema and snowflake design, operational data stores, data warehousing, data marts, and MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP, and DOLAP.

Pre-built System Adapters GSApps has developed pre-built adapters for most standard ERP and CRM applications, including Oracle, PeopleSoft, Baan, Siebel, JD Edwards, GoldMine, and EDS.

Extract, Transformation, Cleansing And Loading (ETCL) We use our custom-built ETL and cleansing applications to solve ETCL - the core of DW architecture. Our ETCL experience includes Informatica, Embarcadero DT/Studio, DataJunction, Microsoft, Oracle, Sunopsis, and Ascential DataStage.

GSApps is Vendor-neutral Our OLAP and reporting technologies expertise includes Cognos, Hyperion, Microsoft, Oracle, MicroStrategy, Brio, Business Objects, and ProClarity.

Database Expertise GSApps builds a variety of databases, covering the simplicity of MS Access to the vastness of very large databases (VLDB). Our database expertise covers most relational and multi-dimensional databases, including Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, and DB2 on Unix or NT.

GSApps generates designs that meet exacting standards. Our business intelligence systems pass the Fast Analysis of Timely Multidimensional Information (FATMI ) test:

Fast Delivers most responses to users within five seconds.

Analysis Supports any business logic and statistical analysis relevant to the application and user. Any analysis is handled by one analytical tool by non-programmer users through a user-friendly interface.

Timely Disallows loading downtime and is available 24x7. Update frequency is in real-time. Users can build “snapshot” historical-reconstruction reports — the “as-of” state of the business — on any dates.

Multidimensional Provides unlimited support for multiple hierarchies, aggregates, drilling up and down, and slicing and dicing data. The system is historically-aware (slowly changing dimensions) and can uncover underlying relational data.

Information Provides access to business-relevant data through one analytical tool. Users are trained to interpret relevant data. The data is accurate and usable.

Let GSApps build your best-in-industry systems

Call us at (408) 404-7770, and we’ll demonstrate how the pieces of your business intelligence puzzle can be seamlessly and powerfully put together. LEGO memories do not have to be a thing of the past – good design is timeless.

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