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Simplify and manage your ETL complexity

GS ETLRunner is a data warehouse job integrator which simplifies the extremely complex task of managing the execution of a data warehouse load. GS ETLRunner is a scalable and easy-to-deploy application that allows you to monitor and visualize the various components of your data warehouse load architecture.

GS ETLRunner is more than just an ETL tool - it integrates different parts of the data warehouse load process, enabling you to efficiently optimize your data workflow.

Key benefits

ETLRunner enables you to:

    • Leverage the distributed application architecture
    • Manage each task of your data warehouse architecture
    • Integrate different data warehouse tools to enhance their functionality and flexibility
    • Modularize custom code and control code execution and monitoring
    • Restart “smartly” from a failure
    • Determine the exact point of failure
    • Monitor various data warehouse load jobs through detailed statistical reports

GS ETLRunner differentiates itself from the ETL tool crowd by allowing you to execute and monitor not only your ETL process, but also related pre- and post-session processes, as well as other components of a data warehouse load, such as processing of OLAP cubes, all through a single interface.

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Features summary
Database connectivity to all JDBC-compliant databases
(Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, etc.)
Distributed architecture
Multi-platform server
Multi-threading processing
Pre-built action types
(Informatica, MS DTS, Cognos DecisionStream, etc.)
MS OLAP database support
Graphical flow designer
Conditional dependency execution
SQL and Java BeanShell script support
Structured exceptions handling
“Smart" restart on failure
Transaction logging
Alert notifications
Audit trail/log viewer monitoring different databases
Create and send customized emails
Batch and actions (jobs) scheduling in any time intervals
Business calendar support
Access to the server via LAN or Internet

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