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GS DataGenerator – Version Matrix

Performance Plug-in

The Most Advanced Data Generation Tool on the Market!

GS DataGenerator isn’t future reach — it’s future complete. It supports projects of any level of sophistication and complexity, creating random data that is indistinguishable from production data.

GS DataGenerator Standard Edition is perfect for creating large volumes of meaningful data for performance and load testing for projects that do not require complex business logic, extensive team collaboration or task repetition.

The Professional Edition is designed to support complex development projects, including ERP/CRM implementation, data warehouse development, system integration, and commercial software development.

GS Data Generator with Scrambling Plug-in is a backdoor database security application that provides an additional layer of data protection by replacing confidential data with similar, artificially-generated data while preserving referential integrity and business logic.

The Performance Plug-in is an optional product which plugs into professional or scrambler version of GS DataGenerator. Performance Plug-in provides a significant increase of data generation speed and overall GS DataGenerator scalability. This plug-in will benefit users who need to generate data for VLDB (very large databases) or when number of tables exceeds 100 per any single GS DataGenerator project.

System Requirements

Supported systems: x32 / x64
Microsoft Windows 7/Server 2008
Pentium Processor or higher
256 MB of RAM (512 MB is recommended)
50 MB minimum disk capacity


The following table lists the features of the Standard and Professional Editions:

Features Standard Edition Professional Edition Scrambling Plug-in Performance Plug-in
Connectivity and Performance
Random Data Generator
Pre-Built Data Dictionaries
Custom Lists
Referential Integrity Support
Data Preview and Online Edit
Text File Operations
Data Model Change Control
Debug Mode and Run Preview
Wizards/Online help
Batch Execution and Event Logging
Code Portability and Collaboration
Metadata Reversed Engineering
Insert/Append/Update Operations
Lookup Control
Custom Function
Variables and Sequences
Expression Builder
Pre-built Functions
Horizontal Dependency
Jscript and SQL Support
Data Scrambling
Data Sub-setting
Data Aging
Bulk Load
Parallel Processing
Repository Management
Command Line Scheduling

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