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Intelligent Data for Intelligent Development

Generated test data can be grouped into the following three categories based on their resemblance to actual business data:

    • Dummy test data
    • Meaningful test data
    • Intelligent test data

Dummy data can be easily created with a simple script, and low-end tools can provide meaningful data. GS DataGenerator provides intelligent test data.

What makes test data intelligent?

Each database application has built-in logic. Large database applications have numerous triggers or use workflow processes. Additionally, data follows logical trends, has exceptions and presents its unique sets of errors.

With a SQL and Jscript-based Expression Builder, and dozens of built-in functions, GS DataGenerator supports any rule and requirement to mimic business logic and create test data.

The following is a sampling of what GS DataGenerator can do:

    • Field-related calculations, such as total order amount and GL balances
    • Time dependency between sequential business events
    • Conditional logic, if a column depends on the values in another column
    • Business trends, such as creating time or regional trends
    • Composite foreign key

Who Needs Intelligent Test Data?

ERP, CRM and Data Warehouse Implementation. Business users straining to envision the capabilities of a new software application and developers misjudging their user’s needs create a debilitating software functionality gap. GS DataGenerator helps bridge this gap by providing prototype application test data early in a project for user acceptance tests or conference room pilots to save time and unnecessary work.

Software Marketing and Sales Demonstration. GS DataGenerator is the ultimate weapon for database application marketing and sales demonstration. Equip yourself with an industry-specific demonstration and client-specific proof of concept project. Present your application’s functionality with a working application interface.

Commercial Software Development. GS DataGenerator brings meaningful, industry-specific test data to your project. Look at your application through the user’s point of view with intelligent data.

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