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Is your database ready to meet your growing data needs?

Performance Plug-in

GS Data Generator provides the following features:

Database security is crucial for application managers weighing the impacts of offshore development and regulatory compliance. GS Data Generator protects anonymity of sensitive data elements, allowing risk-free access to production data to any member of your onsite or offshore development team.

Controlled Randomness – GS Data Generator creates test data by generating random numbers, searching test data in built-in dictionaries, using user-defined custom lists or enhancing actual business data. No matter which method is used, you have complete control over the behavior of the generated data.

Automated Data Generation is a powerful feature that enables automatic test data creation based on column datatype and name, and database referential integrity. You can define meaningful, project-specific generation rules for an unlimited number of tables and columns with one mouse click. AutoGenerator™ can save time for your development team and reduce your project budget.

Connectivity and performance are critical if your project generates billions of records for performance and stress testing. GS Data Generator supports OLE DB and ADO (native connectivity) database connectivity standards. GSApps has certified database connectivity and performance for most databases available on the market.

Business Intelligent Data Creation — Many data generation tools claim to support meaningful test data generation by preserving referential integrity and generating pre-built data sets that match expected datatypes (such as customer name, address). GS Data Generator goes beyond this concept by defining intelligent test data. GS Data Generator is the only tool available on the market capable of creating industry-specific data for acceptance testing, application prototyping, proof of concept projects and software marketing. What makes test data intelligent?

Enterprise scalability is vital for large development teams with long development cycles. GS Data Generator is the only tool in its class that features version control, metadata change detection, team collaboration, code portability and open RDBMS repository. GS Data Generator will increase team efficiency and effectiveness.

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