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GS DataGenerator – Enterprise-level Scalability

Performance Plug-in

GS DataGenerator provides a set of comprehensive features that support large development teams with extended development cycles.

Metadata change detection. Database structure evolves during the development cycle. Rebuilding your data generation code from scratch after each version change drains development time. GS DataGenerator synchronizes with the database, automatically detects any structural changes and prompts for new sets of generation rules for newly-created objects. Redundancy is minimized since most data generation code can be saved from one version to another.

Code portability. Enterprise-level applications work with a variety of RDBMS systems, such as Oracle and DB2. Once created, the data generation code can be easily migrated from one database to another — the code does not require development and support for each RDBMS system. More importantly, GS DataGenerator 2.2 can read metadata structure from an application layer and generate intelligent test data into any required RDBMS system.

Batch Execution and Logging. Modern ERP, CRM and data warehouse applications contain thousands of tables which need to be populated with test data. GS DataGenerator auto arranges tables based on their interdependencies (referential integrity constraints), groups tables into logical groups (batches), and generates test data in batch mode automatically. All generation events are logged for process monitoring and restart/recovery in case of failure.

Custom Functions. GS DataGenerator comes with dozens of pre-built generation functions and expressions. Project-specific functions can be easily build and shared among development team members, avoiding effort repetition and saving development time.

Automated Data Generation. A powerful feature of GS DataGenerator is automated data generation, which enables automatic test data creation based on column datatype and name, and database referential integrity. You can define meaningful, project-specific generation rules for an unlimited number of tables and columns with one mouse click. AutoGenerator™ can save time for your development team time and reduce your project budget.

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