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GS DataGenerator – Free Trial Download

Performance Plug-in

The Trial Edition download of GS DataGenerator is:

    • Completely anonymous
    • Useable without an activation key
    • Complete with all features
    • Free and never expires

The Trial Version is available in debug mode only. You will be able to completely evaluate the tool and generate an unlimited number of records, but will not be able to load generated data into a database or file. You will need to buy the registered version of GS DataGenerator in order to enable production mode and load test data into your database.

GS DataGenerator™ 3.02

 or download Application from secured site:

What's new in GS DataGenerator 3.02:

  • New Repository
  • Three types of repository are available now. They are MS Access, MS SQL and Oracle. A connection to the existing repository and/or creation of the new one is supported.
  • Updated Connectivity
  • Connection types are specified hierarchically to provide more convenient and intuitive way to create and edit Connections (e.g. RDBMS->Version->Technology).

    New connection (Direct) type is available for Oracle. This type can be used for direct connection without Oracle client being installed.
    Note: some functionality is unavailable for the connection specified. Refer to Devart website for further details.
    Control of correct version for connection type. (e.g. The connection fails if MS SQL Server 2005 is selected in Define Connection window and actual connection appears to be the MS SQL Server 2000)
  • New Metadata
  • Using Expression Builder, new metadata are available when creating generation rules (e.g. "Name of Target table" and "Name of Column" and others).
  • Metadata Reporting
  • Two types of reports are available now: Excel report of metadata repository and log into log file for scrambling and generation sessions.
  • New Connectivity
  • Operation with new versions of RDBMS is available now. Now supported: Oracle 11g, MS Access 2007 and Sybase ASE 15.

During installation, you will choose which edition to install. To evaluate both editions, uninstall the first edition installed, then install the other edition. You do not need to download the software again since the download contains both editions.

System Requirements

Supported systems: x32 / x64
Microsoft Windows 7/Server 2008
Pentium Processor or higher
256 MB of RAM (512 MB is recommended)
50 MB minimum disk capacity


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