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Assure database privacy by masking
and scrambling confidential data

Performance Plug-in

Recent studies report that 70 percent of database security breach cases are due to malcontent internal employees, third party service providers or database media and hardware mishaps. Any data extracted from its secure location can result in a breach in data privacy. GS Data Generator is a backdoor database security application that provides an additional layer of data protection by replacing confidential data with similar, artificially-generated data while preserving referential integrity and business logic.

Depending on the intended use and nature of the data, GS DataGenerator provides a variety of “out-of-the-box” data scrambling methods: randomization, blocking and masking.

GS DataGenerator™ 3.02

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GS Data Generator enables you to:

Increase database security and assure data protection
Comply with data privacy laws and regulations
Reduce test dataset size by creating representative samples
Engage offshore resources without compromising data security

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