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GS DataGenerator – Automated Test Data Creation

Performance Plug-in

GS DataGenerator enables you to utilize the following three major categories of automated data generation:

Referential Integrity – GS DataGenerator automatically detects primary and foreign keys and generates test data for acceptance by your database. User intervention is not needed — all referential integrity constraints will be obeyed automatically with a click of a mouse.

Datatype-based rules – for any datatype available in your project, GS DataGenerator automatically defines appropriate data generation rules and generates test data accordingly. You can create, delete or modify existing rules to meet the specific demands of your project.

Column name-based rules – the most powerful feature of AutoGenerator™, it creates meaningful test data for any database column which meets specified naming conditions. For example, if your database has numerous columns containing the word “ADDRESS”, valid US or international addresses will be generated into all of these columns.

GS DataGenerator comes with a pre-built library of the most commonly used data generation rules, but also allows you the flexibility to create, modify, save and share the AutoGenerator rule library. GS DataGenerator enables you to meet your specific project demands and save significant development time.

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