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Performance Plug-in

Performance Plug-in

The Performance Plug-in is an optional product which plugs into professional or scrambler version of GS DataGenerator. Performance Plug-in provides a significant increase of data generation speed and overall GS DataGenerator scalability. This plug-in will benefit users who need to generate data for VLDB (very large databases) or when number of tables exceeds 100 per any single GS DataGenerator project. Unlike Standard and Professional edition which are designed to run on desktop computers or laptops, Performance Plug-in can be installed on a multi-CPU server. The major functionality of the Performance Plug-in is described below. This functionality is not supported by Standard or Professional version without the Performance Plug-in installed:

Parallel load (Up to 2 CPUs, 4 hyperthreads) - The parallel load feature allows generating data into several tables simultaneously or loading data into a single table via several parallel threads. Depending on the complexity of the data, this feature will increase performance of the data generation process up to 2 times. For larger number of CPUs an upgrade to enterprise edition will be necessary. Please note that professional version without Performance Plug-in utilizes only one CPU regardless of the actual number of CPUs available.

Concurrent load The data generation process can be viewed as two separate tasks: creating/scrambling data and loading the data into the target database or file. The Performance Plug-in allows users to run these two tasks concurrently per each thread if multi CPU hardware is used. This will increase the load time up to 80% depending on the complexity of the generated data.

Bulk load operation - The Performance Plug-in allows for MS SQL Server and Oracle databases to take advantage of MS SQL and Oracle bulk load operations, increasing the speed of the data load process.

SQL Server-Based Repository - In addition to MS Access database used by Standard and Professional version, the Performance Plug-in provides an ability to store project metadata in MS SQL Server versions 2000 or 2005. This provides an ability to work with very complex projects with hundreds of generated tables and thousands data generation rules.

Repository Manager With Performance Plug-in, users have the ability to work with multiple repositories, providing better support for multi-user environment and increased security and scalability.

Command line scheduling of a generation process - The Performance Plug-in allows command line scheduling of generation processes, allowing it to be a part of other scripts which may be running as part of a large effort of creating/scrambling data.

GS DataGenerator™ 3.02

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