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Company Overview
Methodology: RAD3t
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Seven Reasons to Engage GSApps Services

Our Company
Based in Sunnyvale, California, GSApps is a professional services company, which designs, develops, and implements custom software applications for business intelligence and data optimization. GSApps is committed to quality and efficiency.

Innovative Professional Services
Leveraging our unique Three-Tier Rapid Application Development (RAD3T) methodology, GSApps is committed to innovative design and development for custom engagements.

Our focus in providing technical design expertise and offshore development delivers swift, cost effective solutions that give our customers the competitive edge.

Our technical staff is certified across several products and platforms. We specialize in the following services:

  1. GSApps outsourcing costs less than in-house development
    GSApps passes the savings of the following to you:
      • GSApps' offshore software development center
      • GSApps' development tools
      • GSApps' pre-built component
  2. Post-implementation warranty
    Any contract shortfall by GSApps is corrected at no cost to you. We are confident in our deliverables and our after-contract warranty.
  3. Certified technical staff
    All of our developers are certified with advanced degrees. We hire only properly-trained professionals.
  4. Fast application deployment
    We leverage our own time-saving development tools and pre-built components to swiftly deploy your custom implementation.
  5. Fixed-bid contracts
    If needed as a project progresses, contracts are amended at no cost to you.
  6. GSApps development tools
    We bring our own arsenal of development tools to your project. We work fast and efficiently because our tools are better.
  7. Your complete satisfaction
    Project success criteria are agreed upon before work starts. You give us feedback during and after the project to ensure we have met all your needs.

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