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GS DataGenerator – Connectivity and Performance

Performance Plug-in

The Most Advanced Data Generation Tool on the Market!

GS DataGenerator supports any non-proprietary database with OLE DB and ADO (native DB connections) connectivity standards. GSApps has certified database connectivity and performance for nearly all databases.

Database connectivity and performance depends on the quality of the OLE DB drivers provided by database or third-party vendors, and is not controlled by GS DataGenerator settings.

The following table provides approximate results of our Standard Data Generation Test (SDGT). The tests were conducted on a mid-range desktop computer.

Review the test conditions for SDGT.

Increasing the number of CPUs, amount of memory and BUS speed will increase the performance of generated data.

Database Version Generation Scrambling
Standard / Professional with Performance Plug-in Standard / Professional with Performance Plug-in
MS SQL Server 2000 1,700 2,850 3,200 11,500
2005 1,400 2,850 2,400 12,500
Oracle 8 Final data currently not available
  9i 1,210 2,550 1,450 5,400
  10g Final data currently not available
MS Access 2003 500 950 620 640
Visual FoxPro 8 1,150 1,950 1,500 1,800
Sybase ASA 9.01 990 2,100
DB2 8.1 1,350 2,500 1,800 1,800
ASCII Text file 2,520 2,850 3,000 3,000

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