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Methodology: RAD3t
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Methodology: RAD3t

Prototype Development: From Design to Final Product

Our unique Rapid Prototyping Development Cycle uses an efficiency axiom from mechanical engineering – low-batch production – for custom projects, allowing us to reduce your risks by:

    • Delivering prototype models after design and working models during development
    • Building custom functionality into your solution from the start
    • Building your feedback into the next cycle’s model
    • Testing and modifying system functionality throughout the project

The Rapid Prototyping Development Cycle ensures the final product is exactly what you expect.

GSApps Developmental Toolbox

Our powerful suite of GSApps-built development tools increases the efficiency of the custom software development cycle. GSApps’ tools increase development productivity and ensure our solution is scalable and manageable. Our fixed-bid billing method does not “double bill” our clients for the use of our tools.

We provide our tools – the catalysts for your project –for your project at no charge.

Three-tier development model

All GPApps services are implemented by a consistent and innovative methodology – three-tier development (3T) – that leverages our expertise and cuts your costs. The three tiers are as follows:

Your company’s business experts bring your business intelligence, data management or online collaboration needs to the table.

GSApps’ technical architect and onsite manager work with you to prepare and refine your project requirements. We are committed to usable deliverables and your satisfaction.

GPApps’ offshore development team makes your final project a reality. Our certified technical staff implements our Rapid Prototyping Development Cycle. You are spared the expense of onsite programmers.

Quality and efficiency drive the three-tier development model.

Use our tools – free – while we’re working together

As a GSApps customer, your developers have full access to our tools during the project. Your company can also purchase our tools after project completion at reduced cost.

The GSApps Development Toolbox provides top customer value – its use expedites a project’s development cycle.


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